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Progressive Finance Limited


1.Right To inform 2079Chaitra, 2079
2.Right To inform 2079Poush, 2079
3.Right To inform 2079Asar 2079
4.Right To inform 2078Chaitra 2078
5.Right To inform 2078Poush, 2078
6.Right To inform 2078Asoj 2078
7.Right to Informatin till 078-03-312078-03-31
8.Right to Information till 2077-12-312077-12-31
9.Right to Information till 2077-09-292077-09-29
10.Fourth Right Of Information of 2076/772077-09-29
11.Right to information Kartik To magh 2076

1Bulk Refinance approval list Poush 2078 2078 Poush
2Notice For Refinancing 2078 Mangsir2078 Mangsir
3Additional Refinance Credit Facility DetailsMagh , 2077
4Refinance Credit Facility Details
5Notice For Refinancing 2077/09/172077/09/17
6Notice For Refinancing2077 Bhadra 1

115 Days Auction Notice of Newroad Branch
27th Days Auction Notice 2077-10-52077-10-5
315th Days Auction Notice 2077-10-52077-10-5
4Auction Notice Newroad Branch2077-09-28
5lilam Notice Ugratara Branch2077-09-28
615 Days Auction Notice Dated 2077-08-262077-08-26
715 Days Auction Notice2077-09-12
8Stock Auction 2077-09-06
9NBA Auction Notice 2077-06-15 to 2077-06-212077-06-15
10Collateral Bidding Form NBA Auction
11Collateral Auction Form

135th Days Overdue Loan Repayment Notice 2077-10-5
215 Days Vehicle Auction Notice2077-08-24
335 Days Loan Repayment Notice2077-08-24

1Dormant Account ListTill 2080 Ashar
2Dormant Account Listtill Ashad 2079
3Dormant Re-Notice Paper (Including 20 years) Magh-5, 2078
4Dormant List Till Ashar – 2077
5Dormant Notice Paper 2077
6Dormant list Till Ashad – 2078

1Subsidy Loan Chaitra2080
2Subsidy Loan Chaitra2078
3Subsidy Loan Poush2078
4Subsidy Loan Details on Ashoj End 20782078
5Ashar End subsidy Loan 2078 2078
6Interest Subsidy Loan Poush end 20772077
7Interest Subsidy Loan Chaitra2077

1Notice 26th AGM
2Proxy of 24th AGM
3Resignation of Director.2080-05-19
4Notice Regarding Election Schedule

DescriptionEffective Date From
Interest Rate2080-09-01
Interest Rate2080-08-01
Interest Rate2080-11-01
Interest Rate2080-05-01
Interest Rate2080-02-01
Interest Rate2080-01-01
Interest rate2079-11-01
Interest rate2079-10-01
Interest rate2079-09-01
Interest rate2079-08-01
Interest rate2079-07-01
Interest rate2079-06-01
Interest rate2079-05-01
Interest rate 2079-04-01
Interest rate 2079-03-01
Interest rate 2079-02-01
Interest rate 2079-01-01
Interest rate 2078-12-01
Interest rate 2078-11-01
Interest rate 2078-10-01
Interest rate 2078-09-01
Interest rate 2078-08-01
Interest rate 2078-07-01
Interest rate 2078-06-01
Interest rate 2078-05-01
Interest rate 2078-04-01
Interest rate 2078-03-01
Interest rate 2078-02-01
Interest rate 2078-01-01
Interest rate 2077-12-01
Interest rate 2077-11-01
Interest rate 2077-10-01
Revised Interest rate 2077-10-01
Interest rate 2077-09-01
Interest rate 2077-08-01
Interest rate 2077-07-01
Interest rate 2077-06-01
Revised Interest rate 2077-04-28
Interest rate 2077-04-15

Guarantee NumberIssue Date


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