When it’s time to finance a golden opportunity, a college education or you and your family just need a little extra cash to get through an unexpected emergency, expect more loans and credit services from Progressive Finance — more loan options, more guidance, more understanding. Whatever goal you’re trying to achieve, whatever need you’re trying to meet, Progressive Finance will be happy to assist you in determining what loan option will work best for you.

Loan Type Interest Rate
Auto/Hire Purchase, Real Estate, Personal, Share, Educational, Foreign Employment,
Home, Loan Against Insurance Policy, Unified Agriculture – Personal (Above Rs. 1 Million),
SME (Above Rs. 10 Million), Unified Agriculture – Business (Above Rs. 10 Million), and others
Base Rate + Premium upto 7%
SME Up to Rs. 10 Million, Unified Agriculture – Personal (Up to Rs. 1 Million), Unified Agriculture – Business up to Rs. 10 Million Base Rate + Premium upto 2%
Deprived Sector(Wholesale**, Retail**) Base Rate + Premium upto 2%
Subsidy Loan As defined by NRB
FD Receipt Loan Up to +3% on coupon rate or base rate
Consortium Loan As per consortium decision
Fixed Rate to All Loan Porducts 13.50%

Base rate of Ashadh, 2078: 9.42%
** Negotiable in case of Retail(Direct Lending) on Deprived Sector
Note: Premium rate of each borrower shall be determined subject to loan type/category, tenure, internal credit risk grading etc.