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Client Advice

You should Follow
  1. Change your password at regular intervals.
  2. Verify transaction alert received via SMS.
  3. Protect the mobile phone via password.
  4. Look for https and verify website address while logging Finance Company’s Corporate website, or other webside.
  5. Use a strong password for your Payment Applications.
  6. Immediately intimate your base branch for Change in address / mobile number, Erroneous/ unauthorized transaction, Loss of Debit Card etc.
  7. Immediately report lost/ stolen Mobile / Debit Card to Service Provider / Police / Finance Company.
You Shoud Not follow
  1. Never share the Login details / PIN / OTP / Transaction IDs / Passcode / Confidential information to anyone.
  2. Do not store any sensitive information such as Login ID, password, debit /credit card details, etc. in a folder on phone/computer or on paper etc.
  3. Never transfer funds without validation of recipient.
  4. Never forget to intimate Finance Company for change in address / mobile number to avoid miss-delivery of transaction communication.
  5. Never click on embedded links from unknown sources on social networking sites/emails.
  6. Avoid using shared networks, public computers, other’ devices, and unsecured internationals networks while doing digital transactions.
  7. Employ caution on using Bluetooth in public places.

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